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The most Reliable and Latest Web Development Service. You can explore yourself with us. We will give you the opportunity to exhibit your business online. Please have a look below to know more about IP Choice. Also, We Provide a Professional Hosting Service, That will make you happy in this Compete-ting Market. 


Founder Priyanka GHOSH

Photo from Priya

My day-to-day responsibilities and success will come from the ability to identify, analyze, plan, execute and manage the performance of some simple but crucial 6 business things.

01. Management

02. Money

03. Marketing and Sales

04. People

05. Product and Service

06. Process and Systems.


Who Are We

I’m Priyanka Ghosh founder of IP Choice. I have created a very small team, each of whom is like a member of my family. I am very happy with
everyone I work with and my all customers are very happy with what they do.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to enable our clients, to satisfy them with our work and make IP Choice the Best Web Development Company in the market.

What We Do

We provide you with everything you need to run an elegant website. Like Standard hosting, Professional Email, SSL certificate, Digital Marketing ETC. Our main goal is to create a well-organized website that suits you which is made by our best designers and developers.


Our History

We started our plan at 2018 when I was just finished my studies. Ever since then I wanted to create my own website. That could be anything. As well as creating my own website, I will create my own company of website designing. At that time I thought I would go on with this work. 

That effort has given me success in life. After that I create my own website and this work is what I think is the goal of my life. We currently work as a small teamThere are many others besides me in their respective positions like Technical Specialists, Requirement Analyst, Project Manager, Designer, Web Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Non-Technical Specialists, Marketing Strategist, SEO Expert, Content Specialist and others.

 We have done a lot of work with great success.  We try our best to serve our all customers equally. At a present day every one of our customers is very happy with our work and the service we provide. You will get Best service from us with an affordable Price. 

Professional Hosting

IP Choice are such a service provider with whom you can rest assured. We continually making a decent work to give our best support as we can with a reasonable charges and satisfy our customers with incredibly good and elegant websites and they follow the right way to develop their business of the present day. 

You can call us between Monday to Saturday 8AM-10PM. and sunday our holiday. But if you face any difficulty then you can drop a text via whatsapp. Similarly, you can contact us via email.. We will be happy to make our customers happy always

We make a lot of project. Our biggest challenge is to adopt the best strategies to focus on creating elegant websites. We try to design your website with all the most effective designers and also we have industry professional developer to design your website. 

Clients who we worked with they all are extremely happy with our services. We love to provide much more active service than any other service provider in the market at a much lower cost.

IP Choice provide industry professional developer to design your website. 

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